More + Less

What kind of farm practices are your tax dollars funding? Current Farm Bill subsidies largely benefit industrial agriculture operations. Giving less taxpayer money to these big polluters could mean more to the entire state of Michigan.

Less support to Michigan’s 272 factory farms means:

  • Less of the millions of gallons of factory farm manure that runs off into our rivers and lakes
  • Less microbes and drug-resistant bacteria in our water supply
  • Less fish kills and dead zones
  • Less gases like ammonia and methane that trigger health problems for people with chronic respiratory issues
  • Less contaminants in our food supply

By spending taxpayer money more responsibly, our citizens can enjoy:

  • More of the clean water so attractive to us and our lucrative tourist trade
  • More safe, high-quality food
  • More healthy days, making us more productive and less costly for our employers
  • More support for farmers who use responsible practices on an appropriate scale
  • More opportunities for small-scale farms to keep money in the local economy and create skilled local jobs